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John Grabowski - Freelance writer

Need expert content creation for your Health & Wellness or Real Estate brand? Then you need me.

"Should I hire a freelance writer in 2024?"

I know what it's like. You're drowning from all the demands on your time. And just as you get your head above water, they add more water. It’s like playing wack-a-mole—without a mallet.


If you’re having a hard time keeping ahead of your marketing, and feel like Indiana Jones trying to outrun the boulder, you need a freelance writer in your arsenal. Experienced freelancers can handle your workload quickly and independently, without onboarding and with minimal training.

But there are all kinds of freelance writers out there, with wide ranges of experience and expertise. Anyone can say they're a "writer." What do you look for? Ideally you’d want one who has both deep journalism experience for the research and reporting aspects, and advertising copywriting experience for the ability to lure readers, keep them interested, and mobilize them to your call for action.

In other words, you look for me.

I make clients' lives easier by taking projects off their plates and freeing them up to do bigger and better things. You need a turn-key solution—one that does not hallucinate answers that can get you in trouble. From SEO to CTA, I know what makes business writing engage, persuade and covert.

With my many years' experience as a television news writer and producer, having worked for NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates, I can research quickly (TV demands a fast turnaround), find the salient facts and explain them in conversational language.

What about AI?

What about it? For all the raving people are doing about it, I'm shocked at the awful quality. So far it only mimics human beings, the way a parrot does. Clever for a parrot, but not impressive enough for a business. Plus you can't trust what these things say, and you could end up on the liability side of that. You have to check up on them with ... humans.


My experience as an advertising agency copywriter comes into play. It ensures I can grabs eyeballs and holds attention with fresh ideas (sans hallucinations) that keep readers coming back for more. I have a lot of experience at that, across many media. Read on.

Our Services


Twenty years in the San Francisco Bay Area media scene translates to multifaceted capabilities. Here's some of what I can do for you:

Business Writing

You understand your business. But you need to talk about it the way customers understand it. That's where I come in. My journalism background combined with advertising experience means I can inform and entice in equal measure. With flawless editing.

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Blogging & Social Media

Most business' social media is not very good. It all looks alike, and it's all sell and no social. Postings have no personality. People follow sites that are interesting, not sites that sell. I'll show you how to make your site one people return to and rely on for their needs. 

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Top Position Content

There are all sorts of ways to up your page ranking on Google and elsewhere, increasing the number of people who make it all the way to your CTA—and return again for more. I know SEO and keywords and page optimization. Note I said keywords, not keyword-stuffing, which you never want to do..

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Video scripting

For years my job was to write scripts for television anchors and reporters, and assembled "packages" (news reports) for anchors to record or read on-air. I use pacing, references to visuals, and short, crisp sentences to turn complex ideas into easily-digestible information

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Ebooks are often the quickest, easiest way to offer value to clients. "But how do I write ebooks?" You don't. I do it for you, with my expertise in both copy and layout. Ebooks are superb sales and promotional tools; their contents can be broken down for other uses. In short, they repay you again and again.

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My favorite. Looking for fresh ideas, a new direction? We do more in advertising than just invent snappy slogans. (Really we do.) During my ad agency days I helped a number of clients find new directions, and won much new business because I understand strategy.

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Some great companies I've worked with


Word on the Street

I went from a few dozen likes and shares on social media to something like a thousand after John wrote for my page.

Andrew Clarke
Founder & CEO, Brass Ideas Advertising


Let's chat

Send me an email describing your needs. (Check your spam folder or the obituaries if you don't receive a reply within 24 hours.) Or call me at 925.744.0279. We can schedule a time to meet either in person, if that's feasible, or online. I look forward to learning about you and your business challenges.

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